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The future of the electricity industry is to create a sustainable energy system and trying new solutions through innovation and improvement.


About Seniorit and Lars Olsson


Seniorit provides advice and consultancy in the energy industry with a focus on smart energy systems. The company was started November 1, 2014 by Lars Olsson who has previously been CEO of a number of network companies in Sweden. Lars has in recent years been working with innovation and development in the field of smart grids. Seniorit is also active outside Sweden through participation in conferences and seminars in the field of energy storage. Lars Olsson participated as a speaker at the World Energy Storage Forum in Rome, Italy in the end of April and seminar at "Powering India-renewables" as a moderator. Lars is also active as a boardmember in several energy related companies in Sweden and Norway.


Lars Olsson has previously worked as CEO of Falbygden Energy and CEO of Gothenburg Energy Networks AB. In 2009, Lars Project Manager for Measurement 2009 and is responsible for replacement of 270,000 meters in Gothenburg, Falbygden and Partille. On Falbygden Energy conducted Lars development projects using funds from the Energy Agency, Elforsk and Göteborg Energi AB (R & D) within the program smart grid innovation and has been active in the field in a number of years. Targeting projects were mainly the connection of renewable energy in the form of wind power and bio energy and energy storage.




A grid that is smart, I wonder when it will be a start.

The grids, how stupid are they? We need to do a survey.

However, something must be done, unless the environment will be gone.

Energy storage can be a way, to smooth out the effect during the day.

What it costs to install and store, we have too investigate more.

For this, we need to be stimulated, otherwise we are not motivated.

To be able to contribute there needs to be a subsitute.

Without the decisions we cannot reach our visions.

Those alive will see, what the future for us will be.

The whole world is depending on a happy ending.


SENIORIT supports the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) in their work for renewable energy and their initiative:


"2030 - Whole Sweden is run on renewable energy."

In addition to involvement in the electrical industry, Lars has a keen interest in leadership and sports, especially rugby. Lars was for 14 years chairman of the Swedish Rugby Union and is now honorary president and played for many years himself.

With this experience it is his conviction that one achieves success in business and in sports when people involved gain insight and understanding of the strategy and direction. It also requires commitment to perform. The opportunity to work with issues of sustainability, trying new solutions, daring to challenge and helping people grow is what adds value for Lars and for Seniorit.



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